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Life is TOO SHORT and TOO AMAZING to be stuck. Zen4 can guide you towards where you want to be.

Think of Zen4 like spring cleaning, your re-set button, or your wellness roadmap that you can actually stick with, no matter what life throws at you.

Connect with positive energy, feel great in your body, and enjoy more meaningful moments. This program is designed with you in mind!

And the truth is, you deserve it!

What does it include?

  • The Zen4 Kit (this includes your Zen4 Program Guide, Zen4’s Inspirational Cards, and a few other tools and surprises that you will love!)
  • A fabulous community of Zen4-ers
  • Tips, reminders, podcasts, and support
  • 6 online video series
    • Introduction to Zen4
    • Mindfulness
    • Nourishment
    • Movement
    • Lifestyle
    • Zen4 Life

It's simple.

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1 Lessons

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Introduction to Zen4

4 Lessons

Welcome to Zen4! We are SO excited for you to start your journey!

But first, let's cover a few basics:

  • Zen4 Program Overview
  • What to expect
  • Your Zen4 Kit
  • Tools and Resources 



Week 1: Mindfulness

4 Lessons

Without MINDFULNESS, our life is just one big blur. And honestly, who wants to miss out on how amazing life can be?! Not you, right! Good, because this week will focus on how to be a little more mindful, so you can slow down, de-stress, and enjoy more moments! This week we will cover:

  • How an attitude of gratitude can change your life
  • Breathing exercises to build mindfulness
  • Zen4's non-traditional approach to meditation

Week 2: Nourishment

4 Lessons

This week is all about NOURISHMENT!

Following a diet can be tough - which is why Zen4 is NOT a diet program. Instead, we focus on nourishing our bodies by focusing on the following:

  • How to eat,
  • what to eat,
  • and going beyond food to explore our relationship with food.

Week 3: Movement

4 Lessons

Welcome to your 3rd week of the Zen4 Program, where we focus on MOVEMENT!

This week is all about:

  • Listening to your body to understand new ways of exercising
  • The importance of spending time outdoors
  • Why laughter is an integral part of sustained movement

Week 4: Lifestyle

4 Lessons

The 4th week of the Zen4 Program creates space for all aspects of ZEN, by focusing on LIFESTYLE behaviors. Some of these topics include:

  • Understanding our technology usage
  • Simplifying our surroundings
  • Reducing toxins we are exposed to every day

Zen4 Program Completion

1 Lessons

Wooo hooo you made it!

How are you feeling today? Hopefully a bit more Zen4! In this video series you will spend time reflecting on what you learned and what you will take with you moving forward.

Consider Zen4 a success if you incorporate even one NEW behavior into your day to day routines moving forward. Just remember, you can always tap into Zen4 at anytime and re-center yourself on the 4 pillars.