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Mindfulness FREEBIES

1 Lessons

mind-ful-ness/ noun

1. a state of being conscious or aware of something.

2. returning to the present moment.

3. utilizing the breath, meditation, and gratitude to draw attention inward creating a zen-like experience.

Nourishment FREEBIES

1 Lessons

nour-ish-ment/ noun

1. food or other consumable substances required for growth, health, and good condition.

2. that which strengthens, builds, or promotes wellness.

3. to show love and gratitude towards the body by feeding it the best ingredients possible.


1 Lessons

move-ment/ noun

1. the act of changing physical location or body position.

2. a transformational change or development that occurs as a result of moving.

3. physical activity that promotes wellness in order to keep moving for as long as possible.

Lifestyle FREEBIES

2 Lessons

life-style/ noun

1. the way in which a person lives.

2. habits, behaviors, and preferences that define how one shows up in life.

3. the infinite possibilities that can help create a fulfilling life.